Saturday, February 25, 2006

Paradise by the dashboard light

I must admit that upon purchasing this here compooter (G4 iBook, OSX, you remember) I wasn't too impressed by the overly childlike simplicity of the dashboard function. But, half won over by the lovely 'ripple effect you get when opening up one of the 'widgets' (ugh, stupid name. these are the little toys that tell you if your stock's are shite, your flight's been cancelled, what time it is in Toronto etc.), I am now utterly in LOVE with the thing.
Why? Because you can get Eno and Schmidt's Oblique Strategies v.4 as a widget. Cool. (addendum: it comes with ALL previous edns as well)
What's more you can get the tarot:

and the i ching!

Laptop as divination/anti-procrastination/decision aiding tool. Ommmmmm....

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