Thursday, February 16, 2006

Owl Creek Bridge...Lusht does my head in.

Ok, I KNOW that my recent ramblings on Lusht have been somewhat tedious for anyone who doesn't/hasn't/will not watch this TV metamedia phenomenon. This will definitely be the last entry on this subject for a while, so bear with me, gentle reader...
Now up to episode 14 of series 2 in da States, the levels of complexity, clues, extraneous pranks and general fan-generated madness have reached (as far as I'm aware) a peak hitherto undreamed of by TV execs the world over. Suddenly a simple series is not enough.
A recent developement saw Hurley reading a draft of a fictional book that then appeared on Amazon as a real book due out in May. More clues or just a shameless spin-off? You can bet the producers don't want you to know!
There's even a site where someone has produced transcripts of the OTHERS WHISPERING. Talk about taking stuff too seriously...
Even I have found myself musing on this stuff. last week saw John Locke (man of faith dontcha know) rifling through the library of the bunker and holding a copy of a book called Owl Creek Bridge. Now, presumably this is a copy of An Occurence At Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierce (who famously disappeared without trace in Mexico). Get this: it's a story of a man who is being hanged and who, after the rope snaps, escapes his captors and returns home, only to realise that he is dead, and IT'S ALL A FANTASY, IMAGINED WHILE HE WAS DYING. It inspired the film Jacob's Ladder (one of my personal faves btw). Also in an earlier episode we see the bunker has a copy of Flann O'Brien's Third Policeman - a book about a man who DOESN'T REALISE HE'S DEAD. Getting the idea?
It has been mooted (and denied) many times that the island in Lusht is, in fact, a kind of purgatory, where all the characters pay for past sins. To be honest, it makes my head hurt.
Take my advice, and watch My Name Is Earl!

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