Monday, February 20, 2006

What does that button do?

Good question, boy wonder...well, it was a weekend of two halves in audio la-la land. Saturday's fiddlings found me constructing a two-minute masterpiece entitled merely "Blip" (so far) which surprised even myself!
Sunday's ventures were less successful, mainly due to an annoying glitch which imparts the recording process with several nasty distortions and crackles. This was a shame as EBP's sumptuous synth noodles (passed on to moi on minidisc) were providing a bedrock of glorious ambience that moved imperceptably between new age glids and post-industrial/east european/big old warehouse scariness, making the guitarist's job very easy indeed. I shall return and fix the blighter this week. You'll be begging me for MP3s in the months to come, readers ;-)
The second number's title is tbc, but the album's gonna be called Deerpark. Some of you know why, the rest can merely guess...but it's got nowt to do with hatches, Dharma initiatives or the numbers 4,8,15,16,23,42...

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