Sunday, January 29, 2006

Current Buns No.2

Oh yes, on the heels of recent exposure to so-called 'new' music I've been drawn back to old faves like Talking Heads (whose reissues I'm revooing) and esp one by XTC. Namely Go 2, a vacuum-packed, fresh slice of post punk fever which travels the heady road between suburban space age pop and alien dance music. Still sporting the gawky toy electronics of Barry Andrews, it features some of Andy Partridge's most compelling guitar work: All slashing chorus-driven angst and Beeheartian angles. Colin Moulding's in top form too. Ahh...I could go on and on.
Re-reading their Song Stories (Helter Skelter, 1998), I loved the tale that after comissioning Hipgnosis to design their album sleeve, they hated the first effort and spotted the cover they wanted on a mantelpiece in the designer's office. It was a joke Hipgnosis had decided was too whacky too try out on a real client. The band loved it.
(It's a good book; full of hilarious admissions such as Partridge's drunken celebration of Andrews joining the band ending in him throwing up at home while his girlfriend was 'poking the lumps down the plughole', and startling reminders that XTC were once produced by 'Mutt' Lange!)
One disappointing thing about the CD reissue is that you don't get a proper look at 'Mr Moulding's Map Of Swindon' that was on the original insert. But still, if you can get past Andrews' ironic 'My weapon' it's a fun ride. All aboard for Sodom!

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