Friday, April 19, 2013

Roger Dean interview: 2002

I've just stumbled across this posted on a Yes fansite: It's the interview that I did with that lovely Roger Dean in 2002 around the release (and subsequent withdrawal from sale) of a DVD about the artist called Views (natch). It was done for the BBC Music site when it was still held together by string.

Dean was utterly charming, still obviously passionate about his work and with an infectious enthusiasm. He was accompanied by his daughter, Freya, who is possibly the best-behaved child I've ever met (and obviously no longer a child).

My questions were obviously those of a not-so-closetted fan. I took my copy of Views (the book) and he signed it. I could die happy.

Anyway I thought I'd share it (albeit as a PDF because it's a bit bloody long); if only because it has a few interesting points. First is the information that it was Dean falling out with Jon Anderson that led to them using Hipgnosis for Going for the One (see my last post). Mind you, that's not that surprising is it? The second is his apparent ire at Rodney Matthews for possible creative copyright issues.

And lastly it makes me happy to read his closing remark about the relationship between commercial art and music: "... if it's wrapped up with care, it can be a gift again; and I think it's about time music became a gift again."

Get the PDF here:

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