Friday, November 02, 2012

Beachy Head

Good friend Simon Hopkins has a rather splendid project going at the moment: it's called Abyssal Labs and can be found here.

A bit like myself, Simon's found both yoga and meditation to be indispensable tools and has (also like me) struggled with the conundrum of how to produce practical music which addresses the paradox of mindfulness in an busy, urban environment.

Abyssal Labs provides both soundtracks of Dark Ambient music suitable for such purposes via Spotify playlists but also provides bespoke pieces available to download in differing lengths depending on your needs/meditational regime.

I recently went down to Brighton to play with Mr H, and some of the results featuring myself on guitar and The Estimable Bass Player can be heard/purchased here:


Note: The title of the piece denotes the fact that Simon just ran the Beachy Head marathon. Mindful AND insane. Way to go Simon...

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