Thursday, June 01, 2006

The power of editing

I've been ill. No, not through watching too much Lusht...but because I got a nasty lung infection that's kept me at home for the last three days, feeling sorry for myself and playing old Procol Harum and Todd Rundgren albums for comfort (on which note; did anyone see the truly awful programme on BBC2 about the Summer Of Love last saturday? It was only partially redeemed by Gary Brooker's lovely rendition of "A Whiter Sade Of Pale" at the piano. His voice doesn't appear to have changed in the slightest..). Even laughing has been agony - But THIS made me laugh so much I thought I'd end up in hospital. Genius editing, whoever you are Mr fkappreciative. And a zillion points deducted for the man who claims that Dream Theatre will save prog. It's not dead, it just smells funny....

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