Thursday, February 09, 2006

Tony watch

As mentioned before Mr Tony Blackburn is currently experiencing some kind of creative overload. Tune in to Classic Gold from 6am and you'll experience the full weight of his mighty intellect. A small sample early this morning uncovered the simultaneous playing of Wichita Lineman by Glen Cambell and some other funk classic (as in: 'wow this is an avant garde remix of the Jimmy Webb classic, man'). Then the Anti Peel introduced a rekkid by 'Chick' ie:"Good Times"(!) Polishing it off with the remark "that's a floorfiller, though why you'd want to fill a floor at this time of the morning is beyond me. You don't want to be filling floors now do you?" All this while Laura Pitson attempts to placate his growing ire (and confusion) at a world that is no longer 1968. This is radio on the edge. She helpfully pointed out that it might be slightly irritating if someone accuses a hard working person of doing no work. This after Big T said - after playing a Men at Work record - that he could no longer make the joke that ''you don't see many of them around here"- because people at the station had complained. Go Tony...

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