Thursday, September 27, 2012

Canvey Island 2012

Canvey Island 2012, a set on Flickr.
I went to Canvey Island today. What a strange place.

This was my first day of experimenting with HDR. The results are iffy at best, to be honest.It was a fair old trek to the site of the old Occidental refinery site which was abandoned in 1975 leaving a half-built oil refinery, storage tanks, and this unused mile-long jetty which cost around £10 million.

After a bit of brave fence climbing, I snuck up to the top of the tower marking the end of the jetty. Trouble with exposure settings, getting used to the lens, a general hurriedness due to a fear of lack of health and safety: all meant I didn't really get what I came for. Shame. It was a beautiful day, really.

The HDR thing does seem to work best in moderation. Which I've signally failed to do here. I feel already that if I don't curb it, all my pictures will look like the ones I dislike so much. I think the answer is subject matter. We shall see...

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