Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Low Light Mixes

I've tweeted about this several times, but in a period of your life where the inanity of contemporary popular music (not to mention its attendant pack of braying media whores) rubs rather grittily against your own attempts to reconcile city life and a sense of mindfulness, sometimes you just need a good ambient podcast to listen to.

Dave from Wisconsin (I have no surname for this man) puts together The Low Light Mixes over at his blog which are also available as podcasts through iTunes here.

Themed around such fabulous topics as Alien Architecture, Imaginary Soundtracks, Graceful Silence (feat. the ever wonderfiul World Standard - extra kudos for that) and even (gulp) The Mellow Side Of Prog.

As an accompaniment to a trip to the park, around your local Morrisons, or even as an added backdrop to a south London bus journey, these mixes are tasteful, well-curated and expertly chosen. I urge you to have a listen...

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