Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hello Damon!

(Firstly, an apology: I promised myself I wasn't going to write another word on the shark-jumping spectacular we call Lusht here at Garuda-towers. But bear with me. Normal service will be resumed etc. etc.) Yes folks this is it. I've finally turned into another of those chuckleheaded idiots who get so involved in their drama that they start to think that the TV IS TALKING DIRECTLY TO THEM. In other words, I watched this week's partial return-to-form episode of Lusht (The Man From Talahasee) and suddenly realised that Damon Lindelof had left me the biggest possible clue as to who 'The Great Man' aka 'Jacob' aka the leader of the Hostiles etc may be. It's ME! Good grief, I know this show was kinda interactive but come on...I never saw that one coming etc. etc.
Re-watching the mind-bending sequence where evil Ben and born-again Locke chatted about the Island and its powers (and let's not even talk about the weird hamster-related clue) I suddenly noticed what Ben had on his dining table. Yes, it's a GARUDA (see pic!!!). Call me paranoid. But are those crazy guys at ABC going inside my head? What next? Let's hope they look at my page too. Then we'll get King Crimson instead of all that Mamas and Papas and Three Dog Night nonsense ;-)
So Lindelof, you can write to me here when you want my character to appear on the programme. But I don't get out of Streatham for less than 20 quid, y'hear?

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