Friday, May 05, 2006

Lusht does the right thing (not the black and white thing etc.)

Erm...POTENTIAL PLOT SPOILER ALERT (like no one reading this has access to the internet. Duh) but thank the Lord that ABC and the writers and producers of my favourite dumb/smart high/low concept soap/existential mindf**k have allowed the awful Michael to do something right for once: Rid us of uber grump and gun-totin' rogue cop Ana Lucia. Within seconds of her feeble impression of Vasquez from Aliens she was loathed by fans and commentators alike. Her acting skills ran the whole range of scowl to half scowl making the rest of the cast look like the bleedin' RSC and her self-pitying schtick made us all wish she had run off to the hills to be alone as she wanted in episode 4 of series 2.
What's more interesting though is the sudden rather bleak twist the series has taken. While writers continue to deny the 'limbo' theory, the whole good vs bad concept is getting a little too simplistic. Like some second rate slasher movie Ana HAD to die. Why? BECAUSE SHE HAD SEX! And was it the real Michael or one of these fabled 'bad twins'? Who cares, I prefer the bad ass one. At least he isn't screaming 'Waaaaaalt!' every ten seconds. However I'd completely forgotten another reason for disliking him was his appearance in the second and third Matrix laugh-riots as the woefully dreadlocked Link.
Over the bank holiday i decided to give the sequels another last glimpse for any redeeming features. As expected: all eye candy and nothing else. And I mean NOTHING. I watched both when they came out and found that I couldn't remember a thing about them apart from there being lots of Agent Smiths (possibly the only injection of humour in the whole sorry trilogy apart from Keanu Reeves' inadvertent quip 'whoah...I know kung fu') and that there was a battle scene that went on forever. The sub plots about humanity and family were sickening, the battle scenes lifted wholesale from some dreadful WW2 melodrama and sure enough, by the final scenes where Reeves reaches the machine city I was praying that the robots would renege on their flimsy deal with the humans and wipe them out anyway. If all we can amount to is dreadlocks, kick boxing and cheesy techno bring on the apocalypse etc.
Final word on the island of Lusht souls; there's a new version of the Hanso Foundation site now live in the interweb (just try signing up for the newsletter). This all suggests that the scientific/mad scientist strand is gona come on strong as the series nears its (lack of) conclusion...

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