Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tony watch No.3

Mr Sensational continues to amaze. After a two week break on a caribbean cruise our Tone returns to the airwaves at Classic Gold, fighting fit and ever ready to offend.
Firstly my waking ears were greeted by T having a go at eastern European immigrants. All par for the course, then. But next up was a prime piece of Blackburnism. He's always at his best when, erm...interacting with his adoring public, and on today's 'Secret Sound' game the hapless victim was a woman who was firstly told by Tony what a great holiday he'd had in the Caribbean, how he was about to go on another and generally how great cruises were as it was wonderful to be on a boat with 1400 ENGLISH people. Ugh... T's sidekick, Laura Pitson then said that maybe the prize money would get her a ticket to such a rarified experience. 'No it won't' said our T. 'It's not even a quarter of what I paid...' Next, after guessing what the noise was incorrectly, she was told by Laura that it was still a 'good guess'. 'No it isn't' barged in Tony, 'it was wrong, so it's stupid to say it's a good guess. Because it's wrong'. I bet the contestant felt better after that.
After that things degenerated even further. After banging on about how nice his legs were - very shapely and surprisingly unhairy (cue Laura going 'ooh, aren't they nice?' etc.) someone seemed to pull the plug on the whole sorry affair, and we were treated to about three minutes of completely dead air. I'm beginning to realise that Tony isn't on the edge, HE IS THE EDGE.
Well, it beats the Today programme on 4...

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