Monday, February 06, 2006


Yes, that's right, one of my fave bands of the 80s - the mighty Split Enz, are reforming. Just to tour Australia, mind. Anyone who wonders why Neil and Tim Finn's first band are worth checking out should pay heed to their masterpiece Time and Tide. Equal parts pop, prog and just plain NZ weirdness - this contains all you need to know in one handy to pick up tablet. It wasn't all silly costumes and nude spoon solos y'know. These boys could PLAY and WRITE...And it contains the immortal line:"Log cabin fever - it's a remote possibility". Please tour here, boys.


Gordon said...

I much prefer Mr. (Neil) Finn's solo efforts, but the "Splits" were a little before my time, I came in with Crowded House.

Chris Jones said...

To be honest, the sheer old-fashioned skill of 'songcraft' by Neil and his scarier bruv makes nearly all of their stuff worth checking out. Crowded House opened the floodgates to some awful MOR unfortunately, but they were always SO much better than that! Neil's Beatlesque tendencies could be a littel too sweet sometimes, but in the Enz it was tempered by Eddie Rayner's more new wave leanings and Noel Crombie's sheer oddness. But avoid the really early stuff, when Neil wasn't in the band. That's just...odd ;-)